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GW2 Trading Post Analytics

This is an application that reads an online JSON file to get data about the GW2 Trading post

The data is then used by the application to allow people to see data on every item

This program was made with python using tkinter

Revision Master

Revision Master is an application that allows for making notes and revision materials

Users can create different classes for different content and create flashcards/definition checks or multiple choice questions.

This project was made using C# and made in Unity
This project is ongoing as there are a lot of ideas I would like to implement for it stil

Simple Ceaser Cipher

This is a simple project was made in python and C#

It is simply a caeser cipher but allows it to be used in other applications allowing it to be downloaded and then used in other projects

Speed Test

This is a program that tests the speed of recursion vs iteration when calculating fibbonacci

It exports this in a graph for visual data, and can aslo be exported to an excel document for more compatibility

This project was made in python

Grade Calculator

This is a terminal application that was made for a uni project

It is a simple grade calculator storing data about students and them in a class

This project was made in C#

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